About the Center

About the Center

The Language Communication and Research Center was established on April 1, 2007. Since its inception, the center has focused on promoting education and research aimed at developing linguistic competencies, particularly in English and Japanese, to address the challenges posed by globalization effectively.

Our instructors teach nearly 100 classes per semester across five schools: Pharmaceutical Sciences, Food and Nutritional Sciences, International Relations, Management and Information, and Nursing. In addition to teaching, they are involved in selecting textbooks, designing syllabi, and continuously evaluating teaching methods and course content to optimize student learning.

To help students enhance their English communication skills, we employ a proficiency-based learning approach guided by TOEIC®L&R IP Test scores. We also offer TOEIC®preparation courses and English presentation workshops that are valuable both for job searches and workplace communication.

We have developed short-term study abroad programs, semi-customized in cooperation with our partner universities overseas. In 2014, we expanded our course offerings to include specialized classes such as "TOEFL®English for Studying Abroad" and "TOEIC®Business English," aiming to strengthen English education across our five schools and to facilitate medium- to long-term study abroad opportunities. For students needing specific guidance on English speaking and writing, we offer tutoring services by appointment.

Our team of instructors includes both native English speakers and Japanese experts who specialize in theoretical linguistics, applied linguistics, and communication—the foundational pillars of language education. Leveraging our extensive experience and achievements in the field of language education and research, we are committed to continually enhancing students' academic English skills. Our current focus is on developing effective teaching and assessment methods specifically for speaking and writing skills.

LCRC Director Atsushi Fujimori


Institution Language and Communication Research Center
Address Room 2409, University of Shizuoka
52-1 Yada, Suruga Ward, Shizuoka City, Shizuoka, 422-8526, JAPAN
Phone (+81)54-264-5249, (+81)54-264-5367
Director Atsushi Fujimori
Year of establishment April 1, 2007